Digital DJ Course

What is the Digital DJ course?

This course is aimed at those who want to activate and learn the correct use of the consoles and controllers dedicated to the dj’s

The course treats the 3 most important software’s of mixing : Traktor, Serato and Rekorboxdj.

We provide our pupils with a wide range of consoles and controllers Native Instruments as well as our support in wisely choosing them during the Digital dj course, you will learn how to install the 3 mixing software’s and you will be able to set everything you need in optimal parameters.

You will also be able to pair up the console and the controller with which you want to work using the related software. You will in fact use the operating software, to upload tracks and set the grids and cue points, beat matching and absolutely all you desire to learn regarding this trade and put into practice.

IMPORTANT to know, this particular course does not have a final exam where you obtain or Dj certificate.

About this course:

How long it takes and how much it will cost?

Duration – 32 hours

Theory – 4 hours

Practice – 28 hours

Price – 1800 ron + Vat

Compulsory documents to enroll

Id card or Birth Certificate

Written statement of the parents of the minors agreeing to this dj course.

The course can be paid for in 2 instalments as follows:

200 ron + Vat when enrolling

1600 ron + Vat in the first week of the course.


Do you wanna join our courses in Bucharest?

You can enroll here:

Liberty Mall, Etaj 1, Street Progresului 151-171,

Sector 5

Dj High Way

Phone: 0773.387.310 – Mihai Vochin


Bucharest, Romania

Next digital DJ courses in Bucharest

01 - 23 Oct 2018

Monday and Tuesday from 12:00 to 14:00

05 - 27 Nov 2018

Monday and Tuesday from 12:00 to 14:00

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