About "La Studio"

If the city had a place where freedom of speech was free, this would be La Studio, a new format for those who have ears that welcome compliments, rumors, tips and a personal joy of meeting a variety of people who speak the same language (music).

The Studio only consumes music, good vibes and mingling among the people who have a common taste for music, news about the trade, beats and gossip.

This honorable gathering will endure a bold weekly showcase that is surrounded by the ambient relaxation of their inner soul.

Invitation to this weekly gathering are very limited with a number of 40 invites and we are waiting your reservation in advance to avoid any unpleasant extra’s in numbers.

Program for the February 2018:

07 Feb 2018 – Christian Lepah – Andre Rizo

14 Feb 2018 – Christian Lepah – Jerry Ropero

21 Feb 2018 – Christian Lepah – Marika

28 Feb 2018 – Christian Lepah – Rosario Internullo

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